The Brandeis/Harvard NIDA Center to Improve System Performance of Substance Use Disorder Treatment

The Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University

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The NIDA Center Structure

The Center will accomplish its goals with an organizational structure that integrates internal staff across Brandeis and Harvard, via an Administrative Core and Research Support Core, an Internal Advisory Board (IAB), and a Scientific Advisory Board.  

The Administrative Core will manage all Center activities and set priorities, assure the highest quality of Center activities conducted to accomplish the Center’s aims, and facilitate a communication strategy and outreach to a diverse group of communities to assure dissemination to end users (policymakers, providers) as well as to other researchers.

The Research Support Core will extend research into emerging topics, enhance the research conducted in Component Research Projects, and provide training for junior investigators and investigators who are new to this content area.

Workgroups will enable the Center to ensure cross-cutting synergies in content and methods, disseminate information and offer training and mentoring. These workgroups include:

  • Statistical and design support
  • Delivery system and payment reform
  • Translation and dissemination
  • Training and mentoring

Center Organizational Structure

diagram of administrative core

diagram of research core

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