The Brandeis/Harvard NIDA Center to Improve System Performance of Substance Use Disorder Treatment

The Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University

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NIDA Center Research

The conceptual framework demonstrates key aspects of the Center’s theme that are ripe for emergent research and directly leads to the Center’s research questions and activities. We have identified a priori several research questions that go beyond the Component Research Projects, to determine what we need to know in order to advance the next generation of research. We must identify the key elements that drive improved system performance, not just the fact that an intervention occurred. For example, how is risk shared between parties, what aspects of workforce characteristics matter, and what is the role of local context such as referral networks that influence the ability to successfully improve SUD treatment? What characteristics of provider organizations influence the outcomes associated with model implementation?

In addition, to serve as a national resource regarding payment and delivery system reforms to improve the quality of care for SUD treatment, the Center proposes several key activities. We intend to advance the science in this area by extending the conceptual models, identifying emergent research questions, and working with States to share knowledge and encourage experimentation in a State Learning Collaborative and Research Laboratory.

We will broaden the field of researchers who can effectively study these questions, by training and mentoring activities that support junior investigators as they develop NIH proposals. Last, to have any significant impact, it is essential to broadly disseminate findings and knowledge in this area beyond academia. We will actively translate and disseminate our findings and new content and methods to a wide range of audiences, including policymakers, clinicians, and other stakeholders. These activities will be further facilitated by our work with States in the proposed learning collaborative and research laboratory.

diagram of Center questions and activities

Three component projects and numerous related projects will serve as the initial base for the Center’s work.

Knowledge Advancing Social Justice

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