The Brandeis/Harvard NIDA Center to Improve System Performance of Substance Use Disorder Treatment

The Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University

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Our People

Our multidisciplinary group of researchers includes health economists; health services researchers with experience assessing practices in the public and private sectors; statisticians; and clinicians with health services research experience. Our staffing plan is expressly designed to provide both a synergistic environment for innovative research and to give assurance that our work effort and products meet the highest quality standards. 

The multidisciplinary nature of the Center is also enhanced by the participation of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), which has been carefully constructed to provide not only targeted research expertise but also other types of perspectives, including quality of care and implementation science experts, primary care and specialty providers, private health plan experts, public/state specialty treatment directors, and national behavioral health organizations. The SAB composition is intended to facilitate our ability to translate our research findings to a broader community of research users.

Knowledge Advancing Social Justice

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